Our Firm

Palomo & Porras is a business-focused law firm in Guatemala whose roots go back more than 40 years. Over the last ten years we have both broadened and strengthened our practice areas in a concerted effort to meet the growing needs of our national and international clients.

Our firm has earned a reputation for excellence throughout Central America.  We have a unique set of skills whose main purpose is to help companies who are conducting - or seeking to conduct - business in Guatemala.

Our economy is the largest in Central America, and as such can be very fruitful investment when approached with the correct preparation.  It is a dynamic and challenging market in which to navigate for brand owners and requires the right people "on the ground" to protect your interests.  We pride ourselves in working closely and collaboratively with our national and international clients to help them find real solutions to issues they encounter as they try to grow their presence and their market share here.  Our services - a comprehensive corporate practice that includes a robust IP practice along with our expertise in corporate law, international commerce, insurance, litigation, maritime / port law and real estate - make for a formidable combination of skills to help businesses achieve their goals in Guatemala.

Palomo & Porras is structured efficiently with teams and team leaders who manage each practice area, all overseen by the partnership. We have invested in efficient internal systems to stay on top our clients' matters.  All of our key personnel speak excellent English. We have a strong network of trusted colleagues throughout Central and South America so we are able to be a single point of contact for your Latin American operations, should you require us to do so. Our prices are competitive and we take the concept of "client service" very seriously.




“Corporate / M&A… "nine-strong corporate practice is particularly recognized for its work in the insurance sector and also has niche expertise in maritime matters and the hydroelectric sub-sector..."   “Intellectual Property…With ‘response times that are beyond phenomenal’, clients consider ‘fast and efficient’ P&P to be ‘one of the best law firms for trade mark matters in Guatemala’..."


“…P&P shows its skills in regulatory matters, rectifying tax issues and resolving intellectual property concerns…”


“Corporate / M&A…" The team provides integral advice and a high level of commitment to the client..." “Intellectual Property…"This wonderful firm stands out for its special people. We are fully satisfied with the service and working with the firm is a very good experience;”  "They are experts - very up to date with good legal criteria and coverage of all of the areas my company requires..."