El día viernes vencía el plazo para presentar oposiciones contra las solicitudes de 114 denominaciones de origen ante el Registro de la Propiedad Intelectual, y ese día fueron presentadas 8 oposiciones, de los productores de lácteos, seis de ellas corresponden a quesos
Palomo & Porras had the honor of hosting an INTA'S SubCommittee Round Table with respect to the Protection of Famous and Well-Known Marks.  Sandra Iriarte, member of the SubCommittee and Director of the IP Department of the Firm, was the moderator of such activity.  The occasion
WIPR recently published an article regarding changes to IP laws in Guatemala.  The laws will have an important impact on foreign companies doing business in the country. Hector Palomo, principle of Palomo & Porras, was reached by WIPR for comment and was quoted extensively in the article