Maritime Law and Port Law

Our firm has been known for our work in Maritime and Port Law for almost four decades. We have advised a mix of very diverse clients in claims regarding damage to vessels at the port, accidents, collisions, damages resulting from spills, damages resulting from merchandise loss / damage in transit, or in storage at ports.

Palomo & Porras has advised agents and domestic and foreign insurers, representing cargo and P & I's for vessel insurance in cases of gross averages and the consequent actions before special maritime arbitration courts.


Members of our firm have been part of international consultancies in Guatemala and other Central American countries related to bids for port expansion, as well as helping to shape regulatory and administrative authorities in the standardization of maritime legislation in Central America.

One of our partners has been a consultant to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in implementing processes and various national maritime conventions.  This enabled our firm to be actively participate in the certification process as well as helping to draft port regulations for Implementation of SOLAS Amendments, MARPOL 73-78 - in the ports and aboard ships.